March 17, 2015

Gizmo, Spootie & Hiro

This is Gizmo. He is a 5 month old Havanese puppy. He first came to stay with us last October when he was just 11 weeks old. I was so surprised to see how big he got when his human dropped him off at Piri's Place earlier this month.  

Gizmo is a super active energetic dog and he loves to lick. A lot. In the morning, as soon as he is let out of his crate, he would run to the bed and give licks to anything he sees - faces, pillows, blankets. 

Havanese dogs are known to be companion dogs and Gizmo was just that. He followed us around everywhere and would whimper a little when one of us was away from him. But that's all he really wanted -- a good companion to share his love. Oh and maybe drawstrings, too. He loves loves loves those. The ones on our sweatpants and sweatshirts didn't stand a chance. 

This is Spootie, a 1 year old Cockapoo. She's such a sweet gal and we just loved having her at Piri's Place. When we first had a meet-and-greet she was so gentle with Piri. Perhaps she sensed that he was well into his years and so she just sniffed around the house and came up to me from time to time and gave a sniff a two but left Piri alone. 

Spootie then came for daycare while Gizmo was staying with us overnight and boy did she let out her spunky side. The two of them had a play session that should go down in history of all puppy play sessions. Let me just say that she played "like a girl" and didn't let Gizmo one up her in any way. 

She's coming back for a couple more overnight stays later on in the month and also in April. We can't wait to see this sweet face again. 

Hiro is a 6 year old Shiba Inu. Him and Piri are also friends. He stayed with us for a night and we were so excited to have him {I literally had a countdown till the day he was to come stay with us}. Although most of the time Hiro likes to be on his own and be independent he has his moments where he'll come right by your side and lay down or come up to your face and give your nose a lick or two. 

My favorite things to do with Hiro is to pet him and give him a neck and back massage. His fur is so soft. If I wear black I sort of end up looking like Hiro's twin but I don't mind one bit. His humans say Hiro's favorite thing is chicken. But he doesn't like flies and bees. Such a character this one. I hope he comes back again {and again and again}.

We have a little break from having guests over at Piri's Place for about a week. We just said good-bye to a pair of Yorkies yesterday.

When we first began our overnight and daycare service with DogVacay, the younger playful guests brought out Piri's youthful side. It was such a joy to see. But lately we have been noticing that Piri has a harder time now with puppies and we made a decision to not take in energetic dogs who like to always play and sniff and be curious with other dogs.

Piri is definitely getting on in his years {and it's his birthday week this week!} and likes to sleep most of the time and not be bothered when he is off in dreamland, but still likes to be by my side and not be cooped up in a room by himself. So a lot of running and playing, play biting and pawing and asking to play chase by the younger guests actually overwhelms him a bit now. 

We'll be sad to no longer see the youngest and most playful guests at Piri's Place, but we believe it's for the better - for Piri and also the guests who would probably enjoy an environment that is a bit more rambunctious than mellow. 

At the end of the month we have a whole lot more guests coming - we have bookings until mid April! We can't wait to see them all but we'll surely be enjoying this time off. Some craft time for me and lots of us time for me and Piri. 

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