March 20, 2015

Happy First Day of Spring!

Happy spring! We're waking up to snow! Oy! I think this stuff is going to turn to rain later. What a way to start the new season wouldn't you say? 

What do you have planned for the weekend? 

We are going to our local garden center to prep some gardening and yard work and I hope to come back home with some indoor plants as well. We just finished making and putting up our new shelves that now hang over our dining table and I would love to see some greens perched up there. I'm confident that I'll be kinder to plants this time around. 

High of the week // There were actually so many! I saw a beautiful yarn bomb in front of our local yarn store and I also picked up some new yarn, too, my March Vegan Cuts box arrived in the mail,  I'm back at making sunburst granny squares, the most exciting email from DogVacay HQ was waiting for me in my inbox, but I think the highest of the highs has to be celebrating Piri's 16th birthday, which was yesterday. 

Low of the week // Finding out that the crabgrass infesting our yard is actually wiregrass - something that is actually much worse and incredibly hard to get rid of. What a drab! 

Have a wonderful weekend!  

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