March 13, 2015

Hello Pretty!

These last few days I have been on a high because of the tremendously nice weather we've been having. I'm talking no jacket, sometimes t-shirt wearing kind of weather. It's gotten both me and Yangkyu excited about starting a compost, tackling our poor yard that has been infested with crabgrass and laying out plans to start our flower and veggie garden. In the next few days I am taking all the pins I've been pinning and other websites I've been bookmarking and going through again the gardening book Yangkyu got me for Valentine's Day and come to some sort of order and understanding of all the wealth of information I've collected about gardening and utilizing outdoor spaces. 

I also finally updated my "to-make" list and picked up some much needed supplies yesterday. I can't wait to get my hands busy again. 

My hands got busy though in another way last night -- I picked up hair thinning shears and went at it last night in the bathroom. I haven't cut my hair in over a year {maybe two - I lost count} and I have been trimming my own bangs for the past several months. My hair has gotten so long but so thick and heavy as well and while I have been doing everything I can to treat it and give it lots of moisturizer it has still been incredibly knotty. I have been putting them in pigtail braids to avoid the knots but I thought perhaps thinning it out would also help. I made a slight mistake but other than that my hair feels so much lighter. It may not look salon quality but I can live with it!

What do you have planned for the weekend? 

We are watching our friend's Shiba Inu and we also have a pair of Yorkies coming for a one night stay through DogVacay. Yangkyu and I are also making new shelves! I can't wait until that's gets done. 

Hope you have a wonderful one! 

High of the week // donating to the Beagle Freedom Project and reading about their wonderful partner work in Korea

Low of the week // Seeing all sorts of neighbors' garbage trapped in our shrubs due to wind and bad weather and simply because they don't put their garbage out in garbage cans and instead in bags that can easily rip. Irritates me every time! Eep! 

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