March 18, 2015

March Wishing

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Some things I'm dreaming up this month..

A nice denim jacket -- I had one a long time ago from Benetton {which was actually one of my mom's favorite brands so I grew up with it!} but with all my moving in my earlier years I ended up throwing or giving away a lot of things. That denim jacket was one of them. Such a regretful decision! 

As always, anything cutesy cocker spaniel shenanigan-ish always catches my eye. Those ears! 

I'm into wooden things lately and would love a pretty bowl and also learn how to carve my own spoons. I could probably do that all spring and summer long. 

A couple of things to hang on our walls including a nice vintage pull down map. Those remind me of elementary school where teachers would use wooden pointer to point things out. Ya know? 

And finally a wire basket. Maybe to hold more of my yarn and maybe some fabrics and linens I'd like to horde collect now. 

What are you wishing of this month? 

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