March 5, 2015

Nala + Napoleon

This is Nala. The 8-week old Westie who recently stayed with us. 

Isn't she adorable

Nala had only been with her humans for four days before coming to Piri's Place and so they were worried about how she will do. They had an unexpected emergency which had them traveling to a place where they couldn't bring her along. So in hopes of easing their mind just a little bit, we sent Nala's humans fun daily updates and photos showing how she played and napped like a champ. Nala also ate really well too and I love it when I see dogs eating every last kibble. I think this stemmed from a point where Piri wasn't eating his food and so now anytime I see a dog eating like a champ I get super elated.

This little girl was also very smart. She responded to "Nala, come here," in less than a day and the "Sit" command in about three days. It was on her last day when she was sitting on command on a consistent basis. And what is more, after she left Piri's Place her humans texted us a photo of Nala on top of the stairs in their home. I couldn't believe it! She only made it up one step in our home hoping to follow grandpa Piri up the stairs but couldn't make it on her own and would cry until one of us gave her a lift. And here she was in the picture looking down at us like she mastered climbing Mt. Everest. 

The reunion between her guy human {her girl human was still away} had my heart going all pitter patter. She wagged her tail and licked his face like she was the happiest pup on earth. I think he was pretty touched and surprised. He kept saying, "I didn't think she would remember me!" I think she did. I think all dogs know who their humans are no matter how short a time they were with them. 

Thanks Nala for filling our home with all your cuteness. 

This is Napoleon {also goes by Leon}, a 6 year old mini Dachshund. He's a 5-star doggy treat general. Can't you tell? 

Yangkyu and I like to call him "dan gol {repeat} son nim {client}" because he's been frequenting Piri's Place for a while now. And we love having him around. 

When it's time to sleep he'll jump on our bed and get underneath our covers and find my thigh to use as his pillow. I think that's how he sees me -- his treat dispenser and his bed. Did I ever tell you the story of how one time I woke up one morning to find him sprawled across my neck sleeping like he was the king? It was so hilarious. 

Like Nala, Napoleon also eats like a champ. He just loves meal time and snack time and begging to squeeze in an extra treat time. He'll sit up on his hind legs and look at you with his big needy eyes and it's kind of hard to resist. I think his begging skill is at about level 30 right now. Actually, he might have leveled up during his recent stay at Piri's Place.

Leon came to stay this time on the day that Nala left and only stayed for one night. We hope that he comes back again and again and stays a bit longer. I just love his belly and his short legs, especially when they move while we play fetch. 

Thanks for always being such a great guest Leon! 

Piri's Place has seen so many great dogs and their humans and it sort of blows us away. They have been so kind with their words and some have also gifted us and written us handwritten Thank You notes. DogVacay is a wonderful community and we're so glad to be a part of it. 


  1. The picture of Nala in the snow is sooo cute :)

  2. Nala and Napoleon are each so cute in their own ways! they must have enjoyed their stays with you guys!

  3. i'm having major grabby hands moment here! nala with eyes closed on the door is just asdfgjkdsghAAARRGGHH!! and napoleon is such a general! look at the way he sits! i can't with too much adorableness in one post!


  4. they seem so sweet!! you are so fortunate to meet these pups!

  5. wow so cute and sweet :)
    *new follower in the blog.

  6. oh my god the way leon sit melts my heart! piri must be excited to have so many companions

  7. oh, adorable indeed. so tiny :)

  8. You take really beautiful photos of your visitors.

    Buckets & Spades

  9. Ahhhh...sooooo cute, I'd keep them forever :))) xx

  10. Nala sure sounds like a clever dog c: what a CUTIEPIE!
    And I'd love to witness her greetings and tail wagging,
    it sounds heartmelting...
    I agree, Napoleon is a 5-star doggy treat general! Xx

  11. Nala and Napoleon are just too cute! I love their personalities. Each is so different yet the same. I would become so attached to them. HaHaHa I love these features. They make me smile Jane.

  12. SO CUTE!!! Beautiful photos and adorable fur friends.

  13. You guys have the best guest in the World, thanks for sharing them with us too :)

  14. WHAT THAT LITTLE PUP IS TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!! They all are of course but little Nala's face is just melting me. I love puppies!


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