March 9, 2015

Right Where It Used to Be

The chalkboard wall is back where it used to be. 

One of the first things we did when we moved into our new home last July was to turn this wall into a chalkboard wall. It was one of those things on my wish list {along with having white walls} and it enjoyed good run with lots of doodles for about 4 months. 

Then I got all "I need change in my life" and the living room became my victim. 

The chalkboard wall moved, along with the rest of the stuff, and this wall became a big weird blue question mark that turned into a big weird blue exclamation mark once we added white frames and shelves. 

Then I got all "I need change in my life" again after 4 months and now it's back to being a chalkboard wall. 

I think if walls had personalities this one is probably having a majority identity crisis right now. 

Dear Wall,

You are a chalkboard wall. I promise you won't change ever again. But check back with me in about 4 months. I may have a moment again. 




  1. Hahahahahahaha!! Brilliant! Hello and welcome back chalkboard wall. I hope that you will have many stories to keep and tell x

  2. But Jane, as Shrek says, "Change is good, Donkey".:D LOLZ....I love that chalkboard wall though....

  3. hahahaha,,
    changes always needed every once in a while. even if we change our mind about the wall every 2 minutes. i love this corner of your home. now, i think i need a chalboard wall too. nah.


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