March 12, 2015

TBT: Jamsil, Seoul, Korea 1979


Wendy over at Want / Need began to post really neat TBT photos on her blog every Thursday and opened it up for folks who wanted to join in and link up. I love the idea of looking back on old photos and the memories that come with it. Hope you'll also consider joining in. 

I'm only a little baby in this photo - in my mom's arms sleeping. It must've been a birthday celebration for my brother in October of 1979 {although the back of the photo says December 1979 - perhaps when the photo was developed}.

My aunt (all the way in the left) from Incheon is here and her daughter {my cousin} who worked at the time as a flight attendant for Korean Air Lines {yes! before Korean Air dropped "Lines" from their name}, is helping my brother cut the cake. There is another photo that of him licking all the cake off from the cake knife after this first cut. My mom is caught in the frame laughing with her hand on her forehead. I just realized that she still laughs like that from time to time. 

This is our apartment in Jamsil, Seoul, Korea - the same place where my mom made me believe in Santa Claus and where one Christmas he parked his sleigh on our balcony and dropped all our presents off

What's your #ThrowbackThursdayPhotoLinkup picture and story? I hope you share here

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