March 9, 2015

The Latest Dump

A few days ago we got more snow.
It fell hard and was relentless.
It was also the fluffiest fall yet.
I think we got around 7 inches.

The past two days we have been having spring-like weather and so a lot of the snow has melted away.
Now we're stuck with a backyard that's muddy and a DogVacay guest whose fur likes to track all of that in.
I've given up trying to wipe his entire body down after every time he goes out.

I am hoping that this is the last of the snow for this winter season.
But one of the first things Yangkyu said to me this morning was,
"I think we're getting more snow on Friday."
While my weather app says rain instead, I am still worried that we'll get more snow.

Hey Olaf or Elsa or Jack Frost or whoever is controlling this stuff,
can you hold off until the end of the year?
Maybe you can bring us a White Christmas instead.

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  1. sometimes it's funny to think that at your side of the world there is raining snow while here outside my door the sun shines brightly.


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