March 24, 2015

Tiffany + Monty


This is Tiffany (front, 8 years old) and Monty (back, 14 years old), a pair of brother/sister Yorkies that came to stay at Piri's Place for a night a couple of weeks back.

Tiffany used to be a show dog and her humans adopted her when she retired. She loved to follow me around and find my lap any time I was sitting down - even while I was in front of my computer. She kind of peeked over with her big wide eyes to let me know that she wanted a seat on my lap. And how could I resist her face? Tiffany had so many expressions and kept me busy with the camera - every time I turned away and looked back at her again she had a new pose. It was like she was modeling. Clever girl. 

Monty no longer has his sight but he doesn't let that slow him down. He wears an angel's halo which helps guide his way but also relies on his trusty humans to make sure that he doesn't bump into anything that may get past his halo and hurt his eyes. While it seemed like he did enjoy the outdoors in the nice warm weather, he seemed to like best the comforts of his big soft bed. From there he rested and went off to dreamland. I think so because his snores were the happiest snores I have ever heard.

These two, while they enjoyed moments on their own, for the majority of the time they always stuck together. Tiffany protecting her older brother and Monty providing her with his trusty companionship.

Thank you Tiffany and Monty for being such heartwarming guests and also reminding us about living life to the fullest and always being there for loved ones no matter what.

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