April 13, 2015

Cherry Blossoms along the Tidal Basin

We've been going out to DC to view cherry blossoms every year since moving to this area 5 years ago, but after last year's outing we sort of said no more going out to the Tidal Basin among the crazy crowds and instead we would enjoy the blossoms in a more quieter part of town at the National Arboretum. Well, somehow I thought I could beat the craziness this year and the views at the Tidal Basin really never get tiring and so we planned to go out early and come back before the afternoon crowds came around.

So we got both Piri and Spootie, our current DogVacay guest, ready with their snacks and water and fancy bandanas and packed up our hatchback and drove out to DC at 7:30 am hoping for a really great parking spot near the Jefferson Memorial which would only be a short walk over to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, our favorite spot to enjoy the cherry blossoms. Little did we know that there would be a marathon that would block all access to parking near the memorials closest to the Tidal Basin and we ended up parking at Hains Point Park again {we parked here last year and the area is really pretty too but just too far to walk for Piri}. We actually ended up not bringing Piri's stroller because we thought we didn't have to walk far and thought it just got too bulky and crazy. But thankfully the weather was much cooler than last year and we weren't parked too far into Hains Point, which made the walk a teeny tiny bit shorter. 

It was beautiful there as always. I love DC during the holidays but I think this time of year is the most magical time in the District. 

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