April 29, 2015


This is Hannah. She was an 11 old Boston Terrier and I fell for her pretty hard from the moment she came to stay with us in late March. She had the cutest snorts and snores and these soft longing head nudges asking to be petted all day, everyday.

Some of her favorite things to do was to chase sunlight and do a little dance right before treat time. I even followed along with her and so there was always some sort of impromptu dance party in our kitchen. 

Hannah was like this. She was lovable and made those all around her act all silly in love.

About a week ago, Hannah's mom emailed me to let me know that Hannah crossed over the rainbow bridge. It was incredibly sad to hear and even more difficult to try to understand what it was like for Hannah's mom.

The night before Hannah came to stay with us she had had her first seizure. During her stay she was doing great, but the night before she was set to go home she had her second seizure late at night. I remember feeling helpless and sad watching her get through it. But she was a fighter and she did. 

The next morning Hannah's mom let me know that Hannah was diagnosed with brain tumor and that the doctors didn't know how advanced it was. They were on borrowed time and seizures would become a norm for them. Hannah was put on medications to stop her seizures but that made her lose control of her hind legs - she was wobbly, couldn't stand and walk straight and her fun and spunky nature was subdued. 

Hannah stayed with us a couple more times for daycare. I was glad that Hannah's mom felt comfortable leaving Hannah with us during the day while her and her husband were away at work. Those days I hand fed her, put her in her favorite sun spots in our home to nap and while she no longer did her dance before treat time, she still enjoyed them and made those pretty noises with her mouth and nose which let me know she was still dancing her heart out. 

Before Hannah left this world she had two more seizures before being seizure-free for nearly two weeks. She didn't get out of them and Hannah's mom had to let her go. When I heard the news I went through the day feeling sad, then ok, feeling sad, then ok again. I still think about her from time to time but I also think about the heartache Hannah's mom must had, and may probably still be having.

Dogs are really great. They most certainly do teach us about love, but they also teach us something about loss. It's so difficult when we have to say good bye.

I know Hannah is at a place where she has an abundance of sunlight, treats and hopefully also a spirit guardian that gives her all the neck scratches she wants.

Thank you sweet lady for filling our lives, mine, Yangkyu's and Piri's, with so much light and love during your stay with us. We are certainly lucky to have met you. 

PS -- Yangkyu says he misses having snort offs with you. You always looked at him with these eyes that said "You speak my language human!" Rest in Peace, Hannah. xx  

  // This is the first picture I took of her when she came to stay with us. Man, I miss her. //

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