April 22, 2015

Making: Crochet Apple Coasters

Lately we've been borrowing a whole lot from our friends - their gardening tools to even their compact exercise machine. As a show of gratitude I crocheted them these little apple coasters I found on Ravelry. You can find the pattern here. I added an extra round that included 2 double crochets (2 DC) and single crochet (SC) in every DC from the previous row.

You can most certainly use them for hot and cold beverages but also for hot skillets and pots as well. I think would make nice decorations, too. 

It's not fancy but I enjoy making things to gift to friends. In fact, I have a list of folks who I want to make things to show my thanks for their kindness. I started some but most I have stopped because I am still fumbling with the yarn and crochet hook/knitting needles and messing up miserably. One day I'll look super cool but right now it's a lot of wrinkling of the eyebrows and making weird faces as I try to pull and yarn over and not drop a stitch. 

What are you making lately?

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