April 15, 2015

Spootie + Max + Murray

Remember Spootie? Well, she was back again at the end of March. She is becoming quite a regular here at Piri's Place and that is a good thing because we love her! She is just a year old, an age where they are spunky and energetic. We began to stop taking in younger guests because of their energetic traits which is now a bit too hard and overwhelming for Piri, but Spootie here is so sweet and gentle with him and leaves him alone. I think maybe she senses that he needs his sleep and his space. Well, she does from time to time try and sniff him but she does it in the most quietest and stealth way that Piri doesn't even notice. Most of the time she is either chasing squirrels or playing with her toy and coming to me to play tug of war. Spootie also loves backyard time and conversing with other neighborhood dogs. I wonder what they talk about. Maybe what they ate for breakfast? 

This is Max. He is a 6 year old Bichon/Yorkie mix. He was a little timid and unsure of some of the dogs that stayed at Piri's Place at the same time as him but he warmed up very quickly and decided that his bunk buddies weren't that bad afterall. But Max mostly either found his comfortable spot right on my lap or on top of cushions! He climbed Mt. Soderhamn {name of our sofa} like it was nobody's business. He conquered it one cushion at a time. Bravo Max! 

One of the most darling traits about him was how he would get so excited to greet Yangkyu when he came home from work. He stayed back while the other dogs were all over him near the front door, but when Max had some alone time with my husband he was all running around and barking and wagging his happy tail. Boy did that make Yangkyu feel pretty special - a solo serenade just for him. What a lucky guy. 

Thanks Max for being such a happy sweet guest. I hope you come back soon. 

You guys all know Murray. He's also a regular at Piri's Place. When he first came, he was so shy of the camera, but he has come a long way! During his latest stay with us he wasn't as scared and sometimes even looked straight at the camera. That wasn't so bad now was it? But Murray is still scared of the dark and also the motion sensor lights we have out in the backyard. I coax him to come out for the last time before heading to bed with some peanut butter {owner approved!} and lots of encouraging words like "You can do it, Murray!" or "Baby steps! Baby steps!" and "Just a little more! We're almost there, Murray! Whoa!" There were a few times when we were alllmost out the patio door but then he would hear a sound or the lights would go on and he would scurry away and we would have to start the whole process all over again. That's ok though. I had moments when I needed some extra encouragement because I was a little unsure - we all had those moments. For Murray, it's getting comfortable in the dark. 

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