April 9, 2015

TBT: Me and my dad. Possibly spring of 1987. Ridgefield, NJ.

A little departure today from stories of my mom and her family to reminisce a little about my parents' garden. You know, Yangkyu and I are getting ready to have our own vegetable garden and lately I've been thinking back to the little patch of greens my parents used have in our old home in Ridgefield, NJ.

To be honest, when I was little, it was a dreadful task to help them out in the backyard and going to The Home Depot and being bored out of my mind while my parents took their sweet ole time looking at what I thought was the same thing {Soil is soil! An indoor plant is an indoor plant!}. It's funny because as I type this I'm realizing that that's me and Yangkyu now. I guess essentially we've turned into my parents.

Growing up, I don't think I ever really appreciated having lettuce and squash and tomatoes and other glorious greens that grew right in our own backyard. A shame really. I know I was only a kid but sometimes I wish I was a more thoughtful one who appreciated a bit more of my surroundings. I think I am overly aware now, or I try to be. Perhaps I'm making up for the lack of from my childhood.

For the past couple of months now Yangkyu and I have been skyping with my parents who are now in Korea. We chat about a lot of different things including cooking but also about gardening. They love to share their tips and advice, which I now enjoy and appreciate. Just last week they showed me little packets of seeds they are going to sow this year. They looked so happy as they held them up trying awkwardly to get the right angle in front of the webcam so I can see the packets clearly. I chuckled but at the same time my heart felt a little heavy because I noticed how childish they were. I always heard the saying that when people grow old they almost act childlike, and I kind of saw that in my parents.

Anyway, among the seed packets they showed me were flowers - my mom loves flowers. Maybe I get that from her. I love flowers, too. I have mentioned previously how I wanted to sow some garden balsam seeds to dye my nails with crushed balsam petals. Well, I found out that my mom had done that last year and will do so again this year. When she shared this with me I thought, "wow, I must be my mom's daughter." The other times I have thought this was whenever I prepared a dish and it came out saltier than normal. My mom always made things on the saltier side. And so I always think, "I must be my mom's daughter." 

Yangkyu and I getting ready to make our raised beds and fill it with soil and we'll probably sow at the end of the month. The last frost date for our area is around then. I only hope that the vegetable garden will be half as good as the one my parents had. Back then I didn't appreciate their garden, but right now I feel lucky to have this memory I can look back on as I go and start my own. 

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