April 30, 2015

TBT: My First Uncle. Korea. Year Unknown.

I already introduced Seung Il samchoon in my previous post. This is my other uncle - the first child, first son of the family. He is the one who was old enough to be my mom's dad when she was born who also had a daughter the same age as my mom.

Unfortunately I don't know his name. Actually, I don't know much about him. I don't even think I ever saw him and if I did, it was when I was real little and I don't have any recollections of it. 

Remember how I said how moms come up with nicknames so kids will remember which uncle and aunt is who? And how my aunt was called ddoong ddoong ee emo? Well, we all called/referred to my uncle here as dwe ji samchoon. It's because he apparently owned a pig farm and dwe ji in Korean means pig. So he was basically known as pig uncle. 

My mom had albums and albums of all her family pictures and also pictures from her youth and college days. Because I couldn't take all of them with me when I went to college, I picked and chose and created a little album of my own. For some reason I took this picture of my uncle. When I saw this picture as a little kid I thought he was so handsome. But as I grew older and older the picture began to haunt me a little. I can't explain why. For some reason he looked more cold than handsome.

As with Seung Il samchoon, I also wonder what happened to him. I wonder if he's still alive or if he passed. I wonder where he lived and if he was successful. If he continued to own a pig farm. If he had more kids and if so where are they now? Do they wonder about me too? 

When I see other people who have large family gatherings I get slightly envious. It's because for me my extended family live all far away and some I don't even know if they exist. 

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