May 12, 2015

Blogger Profiles: Fee of BurntFeather

I've always loved thrift stores and collecting things since I was little. My Mum is one hundred and ten percent to blame for that.  I used to tag along with her on the Thrift store trail, hoping I'd find something amazing.  I remember at one particular thrift store, the worker gifted me a free porcelain clown and thus begun my most tacky collection to date -- porcelain clowns.  This collection, much to the horror of my Mum, grew until even a few non-clowns had crept into the collection, porcelain cat anyone!  Although each doll was a little different, they were characterised by their porcelain feet, hands and faces with soft bodies and gaudy outfits.  Their soft bodies meant I could arrange them to sit in my shadow box which hung in my bedroom.  Looking back I'm not sure if I ever really loved porcelain clowns.  I do remember the joy of finding a new one and I definitely remember how happy I was being gifted that first one for free. 

Fee Harding
Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia 

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