May 1, 2015

Happpy Weekend + Video!

// Watch in HD! // 

Happy Friday! Happy weekend! 

What do you have planned? 

We're just hanging out with a few of our doggy guests and we're finally sowing our vegetable and flower seeds. For a while the weather was a little tricky around here but we've past our last frost date and it seems like there won't be any down pours and weird chilly days and nights, so we think this weekend will be perfect for sowing. 

I woke up way too early today and so I spent time working on this video of our trip to Virginia Beach last year. It's way late but better late then never right? Music is Darling by Handsome and Gretyl.

Thanks for watching! Have a good one! 

PS -- Thanks for your wonderful cheers as we guest spot over at DogVacay's Instagram account. I hope you've been able to catch the sweet faces of some of our guests. Tomorrow is our last day so please stick around for a day longer!

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