May 29, 2015

Making: Piri's Place Felt Banner + the weekend

I made this on a whim last month (?) or a couple of months ago (?) -- clearly I have lost grasp of time here because about 90% of my brain for sure has been dogs and Piri's Place. 

The lettering is terrible and not to my liking but I kept it anyway and now it hangs on our wall with the other decorations I made -- God's Eye and a hexagon crochet hanging. And the three of them, I think, look pretty swell together. 

What I used: 

 + A little twig/branch I found during a walk with Piri
 + Grey felt
 + What felt
 + Yarn
 + Pencil
 + Scissors
 + Gorilla Glue

What I did: 

1 // First I literally eye-balled, traced and cut out a banner on the grey colored felt. There are plenty of templates you can find online that you can trace over so that you have more of a perfect look or you can also fold in the corners as if you are going to make an airplane to create this banner look.

2 // I also traced my letters on to my white felt and cut those out. 

3 // Using Gorilla Glue, I pasted the letters on to the felt.

4 // Then I placed the twig/branch over the top of the felt and folded in {you may want to trim the top a little if it's too long}, took some more glue and secured the branch in the fold of the felt. 

5 // I got out my scrap piece of yarn and tied it to each end and voila. 


What do you have planned for the weekend?

For me it's taking care of doggies and I am expecting to get my first crochet book in the mail today. I'm hoping to take some time out to go through it this weekend and maybe start on some projects. I also started reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern several weeks ago and I am going at snail speed. Perhaps I'll be able to get through some more pages. 

Have a wonderful one! 

PS -- I've retired my Weekend Links posts a long time ago, but I loved this one where it tells you what kind of kitchen style you have depending on your Meyer Briggs Personality type. I'm an ISFJ and my kitchen style is so very right! 

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