May 8, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

Oh my it's already Friday.

This weekend is Mother's Day weekend and to be totally self-centered and honest, I think this day was part of the reason why I had my wonky week last week. It's that feeling where I want celebrate and wish all the mothers out there a wonderful day and yet feel a bit sad that I cannot yet be one myself. I know.. way to inject myself in like that and make it all about me right? It's always this conflicting feeling I have that makes it even harder for me. I want to be happy for others but sometimes I just can't get myself to do it and then I realize, was I this horrible, always? 

On top of this feeling, Yangkyu a few nights ago randomly said, "Maybe I'm feeling a little weird because Mother's Day is coming up." On that particular day Yangkyu was feeling a bit off and he couldn't put his finger on it. I thought maybe it was work stress but when he said this I felt so horrible for not even realizing how heavyhearted he must have been feeling. A few days later I suggested to Yangkyu that maybe we should plant some flowers on Mother's Day to honor and remember his mom. 

So yesterday, along with Piri and Britannia, our DogVacay guest, we all went to Home Depot to buy some planters and flowers. Yangkyu's heart first set on beautiful azaleas but then we realized they grew to be huge and so after much thinking he decided to plant sunflowers. I think it is such a great choice and I'm most certain that his mom would love it. So we brought home with us some elf sunflower seeds, which grow to be about 14 inches. It'll be nice to see it rise and greet the sun every day.

As for my mom, I was able to skype with my parents a couple of nights ago and I wished her an early happy Mother's Day. She showed me her latest knit project, a hat, to wear in the winter. In Korea they actually celebrate Parents Day, which is actually today, May 8. I forgot about it until actually a few hours ago. Perhaps I'll be able to squeeze in another skype session to wish them both a wonderful day.

Anyhow, this weekend for us will be planting flowers and looking after DogVacay guests. We are all booked for the weekend. Napoleon our favorite mini doxie is coming to stay for a week and we also have a couple of new dogs coming for daycare and a short overnight stay. It'll be a good one I'm sure. 

Happy Mother's Day to you. 
Happy Mother's Day to women who are struggling to become one. 
Happy Mother's Day to those who are remembering their dear mothers. 
Have a wonder weekend. 
See you next week. 

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