May 4, 2015

Over the weekend

I love that picture above. It's one of my favorites from the weekend from when we were over at our friends' Yoel and Rara's house. They invited us for an afternoon picnic and so Yangkyu and I, along with Piri and Britannia, our current DogVacay guest, went over for some lovely outdoor time with picnic blankets and a hammock to boot.  We ended up staying for dinner and a late night chat out in their beautifully decorated sitting area with lights, candles, cushions and an outdoor heater that kept us warm. There was good food and wine and dogs that curled up on our laps and it was all sorts of wonderful. The kind of wonderful where you felt a little sad that Sunday was over and the week was going to start. 

Yoel and Rara have a big sprawling backyard that almost feels like a botanical garden. They have all sorts of different trees and bushes and flowers and wonderful space to grow their own vegetables too. Dogs get to sunbathe and run around and humans gets to feel a little silly too and play a little soccer and cause trouble like breaking precious flower stems (ahem... Yangkyu!)

Every other picture I have of Piri is him running around here and there and having fun. This guy of ours is 16. 16! And here he was on this gorgeous spring day running around like he was 4. It was so great to see. Mini, Yoel and Rara's Westie, is always so gracious and kind to welcome all of us to her home. All the dogs had their tongues out, cooled off on the grass and got to drink out of a huge water bowl. Britannia got her fur wet but after drinking she looked at me like "now this is what I'm talking about!" Definitely a day when everyone just let loose and got our hair a bit messy, too. 

You know, all last week I was in some kind of really weird funk. I was on and off again anxious and felt all this pressure {from what I have no clue}. My mind got super imaginative with negative thoughts and I just felt really unstable, uneasy like I had no control over things anymore. I broke down crying a couple of times - felt sad then felt ok again. It was just a really really wonky week. By Saturday though I was feeling a lot better and Yangkyu and I spent some time sowing our vegetable and flower seeds and by Sunday at Yoel and Rara's I felt like myself again.

Sometimes life throws really unexpected curve balls and my emotions get all wacky. I'm able to bounce out of it in a day or so but this week-long uneasiness really got the better of me. Glad that's all past me and I can feel productive and busy again and feel at the end of the day that I actually got things done.

Rara's cooking is simply amazing. It's comforting. It's delicious. On this particular day she made us neng myun and boo chim gae and galbi jjim. She added rice cakes to the galbi jjim because Yangkyu loves dduk. I love people who are thoughtful like that. There was also some fresh cold mint tea using fresh mint from her garden. Piri was a bit relentless in wanting the food as well, despite getting some streamed sweet potatoes which Rara always makes for him when we are over. He put his front paws up on Rara's lap and the table but everyone was understanding. It made me feel a lot less apologetic. 

What a beautiful day under the sun with grass between our toes.

Hope your weekend was pretty amazing too. 

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