May 30, 2015

Vegan Cuts: May Box

Probably the most fragrant of all the boxes I have received so far! It smelled of roses and reminded me of my mother right away. 

Here is what was inside May's Vegan Cuts Beauty Box:

 + Pacifica lipstick {full size - $14 value}: I got this in the "Firebird" color, which I love. Definitely a great addition to my ever growing collection. 

 + Pura Botanica bath salts {full size - $10 value}: These are bath salts and I got mine in Rose Retreat. My mom loved everything rose scented and she always smelled of roses. She used serums and these oils which were all derived from roses and so they remind of me her. While I would love to use these, I'll be sending them to my mom. I think she will love it. 

 + Athar'a Eye Cream {full size - $25 value}: This is a Moroccan coffee eye cream that helps hydrate, increase elasticity and reduce dark circles and wrinkles. Both my mom and I have never done well with eye creams, although my mom uses them more than I do. I always end up with these little bumpy white dots around my eyes every time I use creams. I'll be sending this to my mom as well. I think she will get better use of them. 

 + Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Eyeshadow {full size - $12 value}: I got the eyeshadow in a bluish grey color. My mom doesn't wear make up and I wear some although I don't wear eyeshadow {in the past I've used white only and never anything in other shades}. I have a pile of make up that I plan on giving to friends so I think this will go there where I hope it will meet someone who will end up loving it. 

Great products and in full sizes as well. I'd say this was another great month! 

As always, if you're interested, you can sign up to receive your Vegan Cuts Beauty Products here! {There is also a Vegan Cuts Snack box as well}

 // I paid for Vegan Cuts on my own, but this post contains affiliate links. This means I get a small commission if you sign up for the service through the links. All opinions are my own.

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