June 3, 2015


Isn't it great when you can fully use something without throwing any of its parts away? I'm finding out that eggs are like that.

A few months ago we began to save our eggshells for our compost. When our vegetable garden grows bigger and bigger, critters will start coming around and hang out there. That includes slugs. Yangkyu read somewhere that if you crush eggshells and spread it around your soil, it will deter the slugs from hanging around - mainly because the pointy edges will poke them and, well, I guess no one really likes getting poked. Eggshells are also rich in calcium and while it works to deter slugs, it also provides great nutrients to whatever you are growing.

So every time we crack one, we have been washing the shells and saving them up. We have also started to compost our egg cartons as well. In the past we have always bought our eggs from the farmers market and saved our egg cartons to buy a dozen each week, but with the dog daycare business we have going here, we haven't been able to make it out in a while. We hope to change that though. I mean, we say we haven't been able to make it but really, if we thought it was important enough to get our eggs from the farmers market we would somehow make it work, right? Plus, it's disheartening to read how labels can be deceiving and in some cases there are no regulations in place, and so while we may be buying "cage free" eggs or "free range" eggs from the market it doesn't necessary mean that chickens are roaming around on sunny green fields. 

The other day I was tempted to try a small sampling from what's been growing in our garden. Some Perilla Leaves, Galilee Spinach and Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce. I looked at them freshly picked, unwashed and homegrown and man did that feel pretty good. We had them for dinner and we enjoyed every flavor and crunch. 

Every day I'm learning something new about gardening. I'm such a noob it's not even funny. Even things like thinning out vegetables is something I'm trying to figure out {like can somehow literally show me? And yes, that is why I go on YouTube every morning}. Our carrots and basil have been exploding and so have our Garden Balsams and Poppies and I just don't even know where or how to even begin thinning them out. But I'm figuring it out slowly but surely. 

What are you growing {or dreaming of growing} over where you are? 

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