June 1, 2015

Keeping time with JORD Wood Watch

Hello! Hope your weekend was a good one! It was actually a solo one for me as Yangkyu was in San Francisco meeting up with his friends. I had a couple of DogVacay guests staying over and so it was just Spootie, Max, Piri and me, enjoying all the foods, sunbathing, relaxing with the A/C on and, most importantly, taking over the bed {it can get pretty crowded}! 

You know, this whole dog care business I have going at Piri's Place means that I have to be on time with a lot of things - nap time, walk time, treat time, belly rub time, medicine/supplement time, fetch time, meal time and yes, potty time! While smart phones are amazing with their apps to keep track of all the different things that are going on with our lives, sometimes it just makes life much easier to have something so much more simpler - like a watch. And I might not even have known this if it wasn't for this opportunity to work with the folks over at JORD and experience their watch as part of my daily life with dogs. I chose the Ely in Maple - I love the clean, simple and beautiful look of it. 

Before I go on further, I just have to give a special thank you to both Spootie and Piri for helping me out with this one. Sometimes you just can't get anything done without the help of furry friends, right? {yes, please insert big cheesy smile here}

A feature that I absolutely love about JORD is how wood plays such a dominant role in the making and design of the watch. They use natural and sustainably sourced wood from around the world and it's 100% natural and toxic free. Some may recall my love for wood and my desire to incorporate it more into my life {yes even wanting to make my own wooden spoons!} and so their aesthetic really was a natural fit into my daily lifestyle. 

My experience with JORD these past few days has been great. Lifesaving great.

While my iphone is pretty awesome, it can also get a little tricky to take me with everywhere. I have the 6 plus which is larger and bulkier and doesn't really fit into my pockets all that well. Most times I find myself fumbling with it, dropping it {yikes!} and leaving it behind whenever I don't need to use it. So having a watch helped keep my life in order while keeping in line with my personal taste as well. 

Thank you JORD for this wonderful opportunity. 

And thank you again Spootie and Piri for being such good sports! 

 // Visit JORD to browse through their collection of men's and women's watches. 

A complimentary pair of JORD Watch - Ely in Maple - was given to me to review. There was no other compensation. All opinions are my own. 

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