June 27, 2015


What an amazing day it was yesterday when love triumphed. Here is the beautiful closing paragraph of Justice Anthony Kennedy's gay marriage ruling. 

PS -- While we celebrate, let's not forget that there are more battles to be fought beyond marriage equality. And even more that are not listed here. And while Yangkyu and I have faced {and sometimes still face} our share of struggles, we also sit here in the comforts of privilege. It's not enough that we rejoice and show our solidarity by sharing pictures on social media. There are much much more battles to be won for all marginalized members of our community {seniors, youth, children, women, immigrants, low-income residents and our animal friends, just to name a few} and things we can all do to help make that happen while also recognizing that there are people on the ground, day in and day out, who risk all to fight for their, and our, equality. What a wonderful place this world can be and what an even more wonderful thing to know that we can make it happen. 

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