July 7, 2015

Britannia, Murray, Rain + Spootie

This is Britannia. She is a 10 year old Yorkshire Terrier and she is originally from the UK. That's where her humans used to live and she is named after the British Isles. Her name also comes from the myth and legend female warrior and boy did she live up to her name! One time during our play I gave her Piri's tiny Lamb Chop doll to play with. She must've thought "Are you kidding me lady?" and instead went after his giant sized Lamb Chop doll. 

Britannia stayed with us from the end of April to mid-May and she really grew to be part of our family and our daily routine. She came out to get the mail with me and also kept me company while I cooked dinner while she was perched up on our footstool people watching from the window. We also developed a very fond relationship with Britannia's mom and dad during our daily email updates. Such wonderful and generous and kind people! 

We always had a lap partner while Britannia stayed with us as she loves to just lay on top of your lap. She also loves cheese - you bet you'll be on her "special people" list if you give her a piece of her favorite kind. 

Britannia is slated to come back to stay with us again. We are definitely looking forward to having her around here soon. 

Murray (13 years old)  was also back at Piri's Place in late April for two nights. He was camera shy again and scared of the dark and our motion sensor lights. So we paid extra attention to him and snuck in a couple more licks of his favorite peanut butter. We also went easy on pictures this time and only took out the nice camera and phone for a short period of time. 

Right before he left we all spent a long time out in the backyard to enjoy the sun and the nice breeze. Murray looks so cute hiding under the table no? 

Yangkyu and I always say that Piri becomes pretty playful around Murray. I don't know what it is but it really seems like Piri has an extra step and a hop and likes to take naps with this big bear. Perhaps he feels like Murray is his kindred spirit. 

As soon as Murray went home, my girl Rain came back to stay with us for an entire week. The first time she came she was only here for a night so we were stoked to have this sweet mannered girl stay with us for an extended time. 

Rain spent her time sunbathing, playing with toys, went on a run with Yangkyu and was just mellow, low key and well-behaved the entire time. She doesn't really ask for anything and so I think that's why I think Yangkyu and I want to do more for her - give her treats (with permission from her human), play with her, give her neck massages and invite her on to the bed and let her take up most of the space! 

I love how Rain just comes up on the sofa as well - sometimes she'll come up right on top of me and just fall asleep. She is really a girl's girl. And guess what? She's coming back to stay with us for a couple of nights soon! 

You guys all remember Spootie right? She was back at Piri's Place in May for daycare {and she is actually here now for a few nights!} 

While her mom and dad were spending a few hours away Spootie got to come here and play with her favorite toys, meet new friends and try her hand one more time to talk some reason into the neighborhood squirrels who liked to tease her from our tree in the front yard. Spootie always spots them and scratches at the window in the kitchen but the squirrel just stands there and then scurries away. One day.. one day she'll be able to talk to them. I wonder what her pressing issues are...

Thank you Britannia, Murray, Rain and Spootie for being such great guests! And thank you too Piri for being just awesome all around. 

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