July 14, 2015

Making: New crochet mat using old winter sheets

Our winter bedsheets were old and I wanted to get new ones this year. I wanted Yangkyu to be on board with that too. Being the frugal one between the two of us, Yangkyu sometimes doesn't understand why things need to be replaced when what we already have functions perfectly fine. I think in a similar fashion too sometimes {for instance, I have a pair of sunglasses that work just fine. I don't need 5 more}. But other times I do like to do a little replacing or, ok, duplicate buying too.

I also wanted him on board because the winter sheets we were using were given to us by his late mother. And so just switching it out and giving it away without asking him first didn't seem right. And so I asked. And he was fine with the switching out part of it but giving it away? He asked, "Can't we just keep it and store it away?" 

Another weird thing about me is that I hate storing things away. If we don't need it, we don't need it. There is no need to hold on to it because we will never use it and it'll just take up space, something we don't have a lot of, and collect dust, and I hate dust.

Yangkyu on the other hand likes to keep everything. I mean really. Even nice boxes that come in the mail. He thinks we'll be able to use it one day. I secretly threw those out without him knowing and I still don't think he's realized that I got rid of them. And jackets from like 20 years ago. I'm serious. I threw those out when we were moving out of our Maryland apartment because I didn't want to lug his old coats and jackets, which he was never going to wear and has never worn since stopping me from getting rid of them when we were moving out of our Queens, NY, apartment just two years prior. So this time I secretly chucked them and he didn't know they were gone until I told him. Months later. 

In this way we are so very much like our mothers. My mom had no trouble getting rid of things she deemed useless. She only kept a few things but they were nice pieces that she really loved or were practical to her. And she took great care of them. She still has her favorite pair of sunglasses and bag to this day, and they are both in very good shape. Her favorite dishes she kept and sent them over to me when she couldn't take them with her to Korea. And she had also kept her small art pieces she picked up at antique shops in New York. 

Yangkyu's mom on the other hand kept everything and she never threw anything out, including food. Yangkyu used to tell me how their freezer would be jam packed with things - things even from a year ago. When she passed away and we were cleaning out her apartment we found all sorts of random things like a parasol, 10 different nail clippers, 10 different umbrellas, cassette tapes, old newspaper clippings, baby books, hundreds of make up samples and more. She always thought there will always be a time when we may need these things, and if we already have them, why throw them out to buy again?

Both ladies approaches to things are perfectly fine, I guess. Especially if they don't have to live with each other. Ha. I jest. But for me and Yangkyu we came up with a compromise. 

We decided to repurpose our old winter sheets into a new crochet mat for our entryway - mainly for Piri since he's always slipping and falling over the tiles. 

Let me tell you, it's one of my favorite things I've repurposed. Piri also uses it on a daily basis and likes to rest there while waiting for Yangkyu to come home. We've even seen our guest dogs take naps on it as well. It's a lot sturdier than the t-shirt crochet mat I made {which is still in our kitchen} and it's being well used by all 2-legged and 4-legged creatures. Yangkyu loves it too and also says it's one of his favorite things that I've made. 

So it's a win win for everyone, including Piri.

What are some things you're repurposing and making over where you are? 

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