July 13, 2015

Piri does the White House!

 // "Bo! You there?" // 

After spending some time at the National Harbor we drove over to DC and walked around the area where the White House is located. We hung around at Lafayette Square mostly, which is across from the White House. The area though was being blocked off from time to time because of a small protest {something to do with Brazil, I think}. 

There are always loads of people here taking pictures to get the best angle. I think Piri was waiting for Bo to come out and play but I think Bo may have missed the memo. 

We also grabbed the best ham and goat cheese sandwich at Taylor Gourmet which is just a walk away from the White House. 

If you are interested, you get a tour of the White House, but I believe these public tours requests must be submitted through your member of Congress. I think they also have tickets to view the Rose Garden for the public which they hand out on a first come first serve basis. I was able to get some tickets via my previous work and had the opportunity to go a few years ago although we didn't stay long as we had other plans with friends who were visiting from out of town. There are also other events like the Easter Egg Roll, garden viewing and Holiday Tours.

Yangkyu and I like to come out here during the holidays and see the National Tree, which you don't need a ticket to view. We actually never came with Piri and I think this year we may do just that {although thinking about pushing around his stroller among the crowd isn't so appealing!}. 

A little factoid -- I had a chance to go inside the White House and watch President Obama talk about Health Care Reform a few years back. I also had opportunities to go inside the Eisenhower Office Building for meetings with White House staff and these meetings were all so very stressful to me. Part of it was I always felt inadequate or not smart enough or just felt really uncomfortable speaking {you know the fear of "Am I speaking too slowly? Too fast? Too soft? Is it ok to not talk at all? Do they think I look like a 12 year old? Am I using proper wording? Am I going to sound stupid? What if our stance is different than theirs?" just to name a few}.

I love DC and thought what I did in my previous life would be even more rewarding and amazing, being in a place where lawmakers are. But it turned out that it wasn't quite so. I'm not really into the schmoozing and networking and all that, which I found was a major part of the DC political and advocacy circle. And I also found my views and values clashed with a lot of folks within these circles. I got upset at things and couldn't navigate through what I felt to be hypocrisy. Some can take this with a grain of salt and still go on and get things done. I found out that I just couldn't and left my field altogether {well this and other reasons}. 

Oh it's always not so great to recall back to my previous life as it wasn't so rosy for me. But I do have to say that my views, values and morals were shaped during these years and perhaps that is why I can't totally forget. :)

Get to the White House via metro: McPhearson Square stop

  // Hang out at Lafayette Square directly across from the White House
  // Grab a quick bite at Taylor Gourmet
  // Or enjoy a longer meal at Founding Farmers

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