July 24, 2015

Take fewer photos + the weekend.

I'm learning something new when it comes to taking pictures - not the techniques of how to shoot but learning how not to take a zillion photos of the same moment. I have this thing where if I don't snap away, I feel like I may miss that perfect moment. In turn I have ended up with too many photos that I just don't need, stored away, taking up way too much space in my external hard drives {I am already on my fourth one}. 

I think my mentality of keeping items in the house to a minimum is seeping into every aspect of my life. Ha. On my to-do list right now is actually cleaning out my computer and hard drives of all things I don't need, including too many folders of RAW image photos dating back to 2010. It's kind of cringe worthy. Maybe I'll start tackling it little by little this weekend.

What are you up to? 

Hope it'll be a good one! 

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