August 10, 2015

From the garden

Over the weekend, we picked some of vegetables and fruits we've been growing in our garden. Those bright round orange guys are Ida Gold tomatoes. They were firm and sweet - such a great taste. We used the green onion to make some perilla leaf kimchi {Yangkyu made it this time and I realized he is so much better at slicing and dicing and making everything look so pretty} and the Detroit Dark Red Beet I will later boil today and either eat it as a snack or put it in my salad. 

We didn't really expect much from our garden - we ended up pulling out our fava beans because they were not forming, possibly because of the hot weather, and our also our lettuce all of the sudden didn't do very well {I don't think I was harvesting them right}, but what we are getting out of all the others vegetables is very fulfilling. 

We have tasted almost everything from vegetables, fruits and herbs. The only other thing we're waiting on is our Danver Carrots. I think we'll probably have to wait until the fall to harvest those. 

Happy Monday!

 // Basket from the Maven Collection

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