August 11, 2015

Napoleon, Billy, Angel, Hiro

Napoleon was back at Piri's Place in May for an extended period of time. We were delighted to have him for a long stay as previously he had only stayed a couple of nights at a time. Napoleon {also goes by Leon} loves to play fetch and so him and I spent a lot of time out back doing just that. He was also the bravest of all the doggy guests and ventured into the doggy pool and just had the jolliest time.

During nap times Leon comes right on our lap or stays real close {he has to be touching us someway or another} and burrows when it's time to say good night moon.

Still treats times are his ultimate favorite. I don't blame you buddy! They are kind of my favorite time of day too!

His mom and dad got him Snoopy bowls. They said even though he's not a Beagle, Snoopy's funny personality reminds them of Leon and so the bowls really are a reflection of his antics. I do agree - Leon is one funny guy.

This is Billy. He is a 7/8 year old cocker spaniel mix. The way I was able to meet him is kind of neat. 

During drop off, Billy's mom let me know that she had come across Piri on Instagram as we both belong to cocker spaniels. That kind of led her to know more about DogVacay and she gave us the highest compliment by asking us if we can take care of Billy for an overnight stay. After a couple of hours of him being at Piri's Place I realized he looked familiar - even his name had a familiar ring to it, and I realized he was the same cocker rescued by a local cocker spaniel rescue group in the area - Oldies But Goodies Cocker Rescue. I remembered seeing his video and wished we could take him in. But seeing him now with possibly the funniest, nicest and caring humans, it seems as if they were all really meant to be with each other. Billy's mom said they fostered him at first but decided to adopt him. That's the kind of happy ending I love. 

Billy's stay was short but we loved every single moment with him. Him and Piri also shared the same mannerisms and had the same cocker shenanigan look. Like that picture above. Man, I'm a sucker for those eyes and nose. 

This is Angel. She is a 4 year old Pug/Chihuahua mix and she came to Piri's Place for daycare one day in May. Possibly the sweetest, most mellow dog we have seen, Angel literally took my heart away and all I wanted to do was cuddle with her all day long. She is so affectionate and sweet mannered and all she really wants is to be loved and petted. Ok. She also wants carrots as well. In place of her usual treats, her mom says she gives Angel carrots because she needs to be on a diet to lose a few pounds. And boy does Angel eat those carrots like she is one determined pup.

Angel is also another case of foster fail - her mom had first taken her in as a foster but after the first day she said she just could not imagine her life without her. I can see why. 

Always a happy pup, Angel's tail is always wagging and we know when she is super duper happy when we hear her tail tapping loudly again the floor or wall.  

Hiro was also back at Piri's Place in May. He is a very special guest here as he is Piri's friend {and together with Mini the Westie they become the infamous Three Musketeers :: also see here}. 

While he missed being with his humans and his human baby sister, Hiro also amused us, too. We talked to him about all different kinds of things and he looked on as he was really listening, he grabbed a tennis ball and asked to play and got sleepy when I gave him a nice neck scratch and massage. Hiro has this extra skin or fur? around his face that folds when he sits and lays in a certain position and it's just the cutest. 

I promised to chase away any bees that got in his way but I missed one and he quickly came back inside to hide. But Hiro the Brave mustered up his courage quickly and ventured out once again to explore the backyard. 

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