August 9, 2015

Who let the dogs out!

 // Buddy, Napoleon, Murray, Sydney, Rain and Piri // 

We weren't expecting a former client to book a daycare request with us today but she had thought that it would be nice for her dog to stay with someone, and also doggy friends, while she had some things to take care of. We had already 5 dogs, including Piri, staying with us but two were slated to go home today and so we accepted her request and up until the afternoon we were surrounded by 6 dogs who made us feel pretty special. 

It was such a busy weekend - always something happening and things to take care of but both Yangkyu and I feel pretty good about how productive we were. 

Things are definitely winding down here and we are taking it easy and getting to bed early to start the new week. 

Hope your weekend was a good one! 

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