September 23, 2015

And he said, "You're laughing at the same scene again!"

 // April 2006. Both 28 years old. American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY // 

I have these random memories of Yangkyu and me when we were friends - or more honestly speaking, when we were friends and I had a huge crush on him. 

I can't remember when this one was specifically, maybe it was 2002 or 2003. The place where I was working at, and which he was a long-time volunteer with, was holding a movie night. It was Monsters, Inc. All the staff and some volunteers were huddled upstairs in the small conference room and played the movie on an old projector which was hooked up to even older computer speakers. The set up wasn't the greatest, but the company and the mood made up for it. It was a summer night. The A/C wasn't the coolest but the windows were open which brought in a slight breeze. 

I love movies like Monsters, Inc. and so I was pretty into watching and laughing at every other scene. You know like when you are in a world of your own? That was me. I was lying on the floor next to the futon, in the back of the room. I naturally gravitate toward floors - I still do to this day. I'll be over at a friend's house and instead of sitting on their sofa, I'll make myself comfortable on the floor. I don't know, maybe it stems from my childhood, growing up in Korea. I always loved floors then too, especially because floors were heated. I loved that feeling of warmth. 

Anyway, it was a scene where Randall corners Mike Wazoawki and asks him what happens when the whistle blows in five minute. The conversation goes something like this: 
Randall: Cheating hey? Okay, I think I know how to make this all go away. What happens when the whistle blows in five minutes?  
Mike: I get a time out?  
Randall: Everyone goes to lunch! Which means the floor will be.... 
Mike: ... painted? 
Randall: EMPTY! It'll be empty, you idiot! See that clock? When the big hand is pointing up... 

And so on and so forth.. 

I don't know why but I thought that scene was hilarious. Mike's doofy answers were something I feel like I would've said. I remember chuckling at the scene to myself, and then the old DVD player which we were playing the movie on stalled. 

Some people got up to fix it and then replayed the movie right at the scene where Randall asks Mike what happens when the whistle blows in five minutes. 

I laughed again at the whole exchange even though I had just seen this only a couple of minutes ago. 

And then all of the sudden Yangkyu rolled over on the futon and popped his head over while looking down at me on the floor and said "you're laughing at the same scene again!" 

I remember feeling embarrassed. Maybe a little insecure. I'm not sure. But I didn't know he was there on the futon and I didn't know anyone was really paying attention to my laughing. But that boy who I had a crush on noticed and it made me feel happy and self conscious at the same time. My heart beat a little faster and I had a smile on my face. The kind of smile you can't force to stop because it just forms no matter how much you try to fight it. 

Oh how innocent it was to be 23 with a crush, right? We were so young then. I look at us now, married and well into our thirties and wonder what we will be like in our forties and fifties and sixties and so on and so forth.

 // Always Two

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