September 16, 2015

Knitting on my mind.

I've glanced at my neglected yarn baskets sitting so lonely and bored in the living room, which made me remember all the unorganized projects I have on my que on Ravelry and pinned on my Pinterest board and then feeling so overwhelmed by wanting to make really clean and neat knits, graduating to more difficult patterns and makes {a fisherman sweater would be so amazing} and then realizing that it can get pretty costly to knit accessories and things for us and the home.

I have yet to start my first socks {I am still trying to finish an online ecourse which I purchased ages ago} and my crochet granny square blanket.. well let me not get into that because it's in such a sorry state. 

Still yet, I was able to go through everything in my que and boards and sort of organize some projects I would love to start to greet the coming chilly months. 

{some links may require you to have a Ravelry account to view -- if you have one, I'm jaeun2!}

Maybe a first sweater knit for me?

One day soon, a fisherman pullover for sure

And a cardigan, too

A wrap to keep the neck and face warm for me

And a cowl for Yangkyu because that's his favorite cold weather accessory

Maybe a simple hat for him too

Some critters like this, this and this to round out this free flowing project list

What's on your knitting project list? 

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