October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone. Well... Halloween isn't until tomorrow but you know - just getting an early start over here. 

We got our candy ready and also Piri's costume and I finally updated that chalkboard wall of ours to get into the Halloween groove. Do you like? 

We'll be taking a couple of days off from DogVacay and spending this weekend outdoors. Tomorrow we'll packing up our little hatchback and driving over to Shenandoah to take in all the fall foliage. We haven't been there since 2013 so it'll be nice to go back. I'll have to update all my songs on my phone to listen to on our way there even though I actually end up turning on Disney songs and singing really out of tune. I do this especially when Yangkyu feels a little tired from driving. My amazing awful singing miraculously wakes him up! Haha. 

Tonight we'll be headed over to our friends' house for some dinner and Piri will get to see his friends Mini and Hiro, too. It should be fun. 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

 // It's not too late to make these cute Halloween treat bags for your pup and friends! 

 // How about a spooky playlist for some entertainment? 

 // And because it's Miyazaki related. How to eat foods from Miyazaki films. 

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