October 5, 2015


What is Monday like where you are? 

We're finally waking up to some sunshine after days of pouring rain, dreary skies and cold weather. It's made Monday feel a lot more welcoming and bright and we've been having a semi busy, productive morning. 

Our home is also slowly getting ready for fall and the colder months. Over the weekend we put away all our shorts and tank tops and sandals and brought down our long sleeve shirts and sweaters. This morning I finally got around to putting away our summer wreath and rummaged around to look for our fall one. Our rugs are being delivered (finally!) and now our floors don't feel so cold anymore, and we've been adding little decorations that makes it feel like our home is coming together more and more. 

Starting today we're also welcoming the first of our fall guests who will come for the next three weeks or so. I was able to enjoy a week off from everything and while it was nice to just rest, it's also a good feeling to get busy again. I think my heart and mind is ready for it.

I hope your Monday is feeling just as refreshing and that your week goes by in the most fulfilling way possible. 

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