October 24, 2015

Out with my crew on an incredibly beautiful fall day in The District

Thursday and Friday were days off for me from Piri's Place and so we decided take the opportunity to go out and spend time together as a family. Yangkyu has always asked me to go with him to his workplace so he can take a half day while I hang out with Piri and afterwards go grab lunch al fresco. I've been tabling this for months and months and months, but on Friday we did just that. 

I woke up a very bushy eyed Piri bright and early and we followed Yangkyu to Clarendon, VA. It's a pretty neighborhood with lots of shops and pedestrian culture, which I love so much. You don't find that a lot in the suburbs where I live unfortunately. 

While Yangkyu worked in the morning, Piri and I walked around and went to the dog park where we met a tan colored Shiba Inu, and went shopping at dog friendly shops - Wylie Wagg, of course, and The Container Store {so very dog friendly!}. I didn't know that The Container Store was actually dog friendly until I called them. It was very nice to be greeted by the sales person who proclaimed, "We love dogs here!" {Here is another helpful list of stores that are dog friendly - but it's always good to call beforehand to make sure}

When Yangkyu was done with work, we grabbed lunch at Whitlow's on Wilson {their fries are amazing} and then we walked a whole lot at and near the Arlington National Cemetery. The last time we were there it was an incredibly hot summer day, which was so difficult for Piri. We also didn't have a stroller for him then and so we about left as soon as we got there. This time though, it was a warm fall day and Piri was able to rest inside his carrier for most of the time while we walked uphill and downhill to different spots within Arlington National Cemetery. We walked around for nearly 3 and a half hours exploring the grounds and also walking over to see the Marine Corp Memorial. 

We ended the day in Dupont Circle, DC and had dinner at Sakana Restaurant -- chicken ramen for Yangkyu and Nabeyaki udon or me. By the evening it was chilly and so it was nice to get something warm in our stomachs. 

By the time we got home we couldn't feel our legs because we had walked so much. Yangkyu's phone pinged to let him know that he had walked over 11,000 steps. 

This morning we woke up a little sore but were thankful to be able to spend time with each other, with Piri, in one of our favorite places, the District.

  // Leaves telling us fall in is full swing. // 
Shoes are from Modcloth {old}

  // My lunch dates. // 

  // Arlington National Cemetery in the fall. // 

  // The Marine Corps Memorial is in close walking distance from the Arlington National Cemetery. I've only seen it in pictures and didn't realize how big it was until seeing it in person. // 

 // This is Piri's 6th picture next to a memorial. We're on a roll in checking them off little by little. // 

  // The Netherlands Carillon is a gift from the people of the Netherlands to the people of the United States. // 

  // Piri's stroller is one of the best pet investments we've made since he reached his super senior stage. It's allowed us to continue spending lots of time outdoors exploring the District, which we appreciate so much. We purchased a stroller with strong wheels. The only downside is the problems with the zipper on the canopy. There are two that enclose from each end, and while one of them works fine, the other is stuck in its position and we haven't been pulling on it to fix it because we're afraid we might break or rip it. The canopy closes just fine with the remaining zipper though. // 

  // That view. So peaceful and calm. I have always said that I'm not a fan of fall but on Friday I was definitely a fan. // 

  // I like a smiling Yangkyu. And I like a peek-a-boo Piri! Can you spot him looking out back? // 

  // I think this is my favorite picture from yesterday. It was just the perfect timing as the birds were taking flight. // 

  // On our way to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. // 

  // Bathroom and treat break for Piri. So important, you know? Hehe. // 

  // I am notorious for not getting the angle right and chopping off parts of faces and heads when taking selfies with actual cameras. //
  // We recently switched over to a portable bowl for Piri's water breaks after years of using a travel water bottle/dispenser. I find this to be easier. //
  // All that lemony goodness. // 

  // A blurry mess// 
Hat is from ASOS {old -- similar}

Photos taken with Fujifilm x100T and edited in Photoshop CS5 using A Beautiful Mess - The Folk Collection Photoshop Action {Imogen} and A Beautiful Mess - The Signature Collection Photoshop Action {Stella, Hazel}

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