October 26, 2015

Pumpkin Carving!

Halloween is just around the corner and so yesterday we got out our knives and carving tools and picked out some pumpkin patterns to carve our pumpkins with. This is our fourth year doing this and the fun of it never gets old {either does the mess!}

Yangkyu and Piri's pumpkins are Jack and Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas and I went with flames. Our favorite is Piri's, of course {last year we carved him Dracula Dog and the year before that a Cocker Spaniel}. 

A little trick we use in carving our pumpkins is tracing the patterns with a push pin. 

Our pumpkins are chilling out back. We put them out front last year but then someone stole one of our pumpkins and then smashed someone else's right in front of our door. Hopefully this year there won't be any stealing or smashing. 

What ghoulish patterns are you carving? 

 // When we were house hunting last year we looked at so many properties and were on the fence with pretty much all of them. Then we saw this backyard and said, "This is it! This is perfect for us and Piri." // 

  // He may turn into a raccoon and float away. Any one get the reference? // 

  // Push pins to the rescue! It's seriously the best way to trace your pattern. // 

  // Yangkyu made it in the picture too. That sly guy. // 

  // We never seem to be able to save these to roast in the oven. // 

  // Bella is our current DogVacay guest. She is a Japanese Spitz and lived in Korea for most of her life. It's funny when she understands some words and phrases we say and also react to Korean dramas of variety shows we have on TV. // 

  // He also loves chestnuts. Eats them like a squirrel. // 

  // I carved Piri's pumpkin this year and Yangkyu touched it up in the end. His is our favorite. Possibly a favorite of all time. // 

  // Piri and his pumpkin. // 

  // Who is the prettiest pumpkin of them all? // 

 // All lit up! // 

Halloween sure better come around quick because we've been gobbling up all the candy we bought for trick or treaters! Today we'll be back to watching AMC's Fright Fest and trying to keep our hands away from the candy jar! 

Happy Halloween everyone! 

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