November 9, 2015

A weekend at Kinsale, VA


I mentioned on Friday that we rented a house in Maryland with our friends, Yoel, Rara, Suzanne and Min, for the weekend. It was actually in Virginia, some 2.5 hours from where we live, in a neighborhood called Kinsale.

The property was quiet and there was a dock that led right up to the water from the backyard. When we got there on Saturday morning Yoel and Rara had already gotten the fishing poles and crab cage traps in place with some bait. In the end, they caught two crabs but let them go. #happycrabs

It rained most of the day on Saturday and so we couldn't do much outdoors but we still got to enjoy each other's company - and the company of spiders and bugs which creeped me out to no end. Suzanne also introduced us to the Heads Up game, and we played it like a bunch of 10 year olds. My favorite categories were definitely "Act it out" and "animals." The app also captures a video of your friends giving you the hint and it's the funniest to re-watch. I wish we saved the video of Yoel acting out "cheerleader" for Yangkyu to guess (to give you an idea how funny it was -- Yangkyu guessed  it as kung fu). 

The highlight of the weekend though happened to be these oysters we bought -- 100 of them for $38. Isn't that ridiculous? We spent the night Youtubing how to shuck them properly and slurping them right off the shells. It was endless. And so good. 

The sun decided to pop back up the following day and so Yangkyu got to play with fire, Yoel and Min went canoeing and we all had a nice slow BBQ. 

Aren't you sick of me mentioning how I don't like fall. Well, I had a change of heart this past weekend. It sure is nice to get away with friends and our dogs and enjoy nice weather outdoors without having to worry whether Piri would overheat. Our old man chilled out on the deck, sunbathed and got to smell all the incredible smells (I think mainly his friend Hiro's pee) too. 

I took a ton of pictures. 600 which I cut down to 400 and edited and kept 149. Here are some if you'd like to see. 

 // I loved this dock. My favorite photos from the weekend are the ones taken from this view. // 

 // Mini the Westie. Yoel and Rara belong to her. She's such a cutie. She sometimes makes this crying sound, like when she is standing in front of her treat cabinet signaling to her humans that she'd like some. I think that crying sound is so cute that I imitate it out of the blue when I'm home alone. I joked with them and let them know that I want to record her crying sound and make it into a ringtone. Only I'm not joking. Heh. // 

 // Hiro is a Shiba Inu and Suzanne and Min belong to him. Olivia is his younger sister. He is so good with her. She says in her little baby voice "Hiro~~ Hiro~~" and kisses him, touches his ears, takes him for walks in the house. Sometimes he pretends he's invisible through it all (see left picture) but he sticks around until she's had all her fun. Such a good brother, this one. // 

// 100 oysters. Oh my good golly gosh. // 

 // Youtube lessons on how to shuck oysters. // 

  // Squad goals // 

  // Going to see the crab // 

  // Hello little guy! Hope you got back to your family safely! // 

  // Jurassic zoo keeper // 

  // Kiss kiss. I think Hiro got shy and needed to close his eyes. // 

  // "Hey ma. I like this guy. He's cool." // 

  // Open sesame! // 

  // Human.. I said open sesame..."

  // My boys :) // 

  // I hope you enjoyed your weekend Piri // 

  // Yangkyu was so bummed it rained on Saturday. He was looking forward to building a fire. We didn't think we could do it the following day even though the rain had stopped because the firewood was all wet but Yoel put on his genie cap and made Yangkyu's wish come true. Doesn't he look like a 5 year old on Christmas morning? Oh boy. // 

  // It doesn't get any cuter than this. // 

  // Olivia calls out Piri's name in her little baby voice. But sometimes she just says "Pi" "Pi"~ She also says this thing to her mama when she doesn't want to eat anymore - "ahn muk uh" - that's "I'm not eating" in Korean. I was giving Piri a treat and Piri took it in his mouth but then dropped it because he didn't want to eat it. Olivia was next to me and saw the whole thing and when he dropped his treat, Olivia and I met eyes and she shook her hand "no" and said "ahn muk uh." That cracked me up so much. It was so cute and funny at the same time. // 

  // Just chillin by the fire. Oh this weekend was a good one wasn't it Piri? // 

 // Another two guys whose faces look like it's Christmas morning. Heh // 

 // So long! // 

 // Our getaway to Rolling River Farm

Photos taken with Canon 7DCanon Zoom Lens EF 24-70mm 2.8 L USM and edited in Photoshop CS5 using VSCO FILM 01 

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