November 3, 2015

Currently knitting

A few days ago I cast on some nice grey wool yarn on my circular needles and began to k2 and p2, k2 and p2. I'm making a new cowl for Yangkyu because he's a cowl kinda guy. Not really into scarves, that one. I made him one last year - actually a couple, and he also has a couple that he's bought but you can't have too many cowls, am I right? 

As soon as I am done with Yangkyu's I plan on knitting a new snood for Piri. I also made him one last year but it had an unfortunate meeting with some velcro and got all weird and ratty. 

And when I am done with neck warmers for both of these guys I plan on making myself one as well. I already bought my yarn in a nice golden yellow. 

Are you knitting anything for yourself or loved ones? 

PS -- I have some pretty exciting knitting related giveaways (US only) coming up with the Wool and the Gang. It's fit for all levels (beginners included!) so I hope you'll check back here tomorrow and also mid-month! 

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