November 24, 2015


The other day I picked up a ridiculous hat for Piri at Target and then proceeded to have a little photo session with him. We don't do Christmas photo cards, but this year I was tempted to see if maybe we can get few photos that can possibly work well as a card. With some itty bitty pieces of chicken and a dash of patience on Piri's part, we got those few photos. 

Yesterday we ordered our cards - half photo and half non-photo - and we can't wait until they arrive. 

I am still feeling a little in over my head with all the handmade decorations I'm making to send to friends and family but I am hoping that by early December I'll be ahead of schedule. 

After our November DogVacay guests leave I have taken a few days off the first week of December so we can do some outings together - just me, Yangkyu and Piri. We missed out on going to see the National Tree last year and so we were thinking to head out during the day time so it won't be too cold for Piri. I think I also have to get me some of those mini donuts in Eastern Market. I hope they are still there.

As for Thanksgiving, we're doing something a little different. We're going to make it into a little Korean Thanksgiving and cook galbijjim instead of doing the whole turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and pie deal. It'll the perfect helping for just the two of us. Of course we'll be spending the evening doing what we always do on Thanksgiving - watch The Sound of Music, work on that darn 1000 puzzle piece we never finish and play some Pandemic as well (guys! it's such a great board game!) 

How are you getting ready for the holidays? 

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