November 25, 2015

November Project Color: White

This month is all about white. Ok. So I snuck in a cream colored sweater. We'll let it slide?

I think I have an abundance of white in the house. I love how clean and simple it looks and how it can match with any pop of color - a yellow blanket, blue doors or bright red decorations. I love that patterns and details also don't look so busy and hectic when it comes in white. Maybe it's just me. 

Thank you Fee and Jessica for joining in on this month's project color. Both sort of festive - a vintage wedding dress and decorations galore. I love both celebrations.

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December will be all about the color gold.

If you'd like to join in, email me one photo at windingridgelane [at] gmail [dot] com that depicts the color gold by Friday, December 11. Please send the picture as a cropped square image, otherwise I will crop at my own discretion. Photos should not be smaller than 900x900 px. Along with your picture, please include your name and blog name and url {if applicable}. If you are on Instagram, post your picture using #WRLprojectcolor and I will try and include it in the blog round ups.

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