December 31, 2015

Piri's Year in Review

This is our fourth year doing this and it gets a bit more fun each year. This year though we had some scary moments, which made looking back a bit more sadder than usual, but we're happy and so fortunate to have Piri continuing on and being as healthy and active as he can be despite his circumstances. 

Right now Piri is just waking up from his sleep - he's cleaning himself and looking over at me from time to time with his big eyes. I can smell him - his breath and his coat. We love his distinctive smell. (He then proceeded to scratch at the gate to go downstairs to do his business - he has since come back up and is on his bed again napping. My sweet old man.). 

Here is Piri's 2015 Year in Review from, well, our point of view.

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  // This year was the year of naps. This is one of my favorite spots to nap because it's right next to the front door and I get to get up and bark at people and then go back to sleep again. // 

  // My human wanted to dress like me -- look at him here copying my style. // 

// And my humans and I solidified our bestie status with this charm. I wear it on my harness and my human girl on her keychain. // 

  // There are more frequent trips to the vet's office now for the occasional checks on my kidney levels and bi-weekly Sub-Q fluid therapy. I don't like it much and my human girl is always saying "I'm sorry, Piri," which makes me feel bad and so I try to make the most of it."  //

  // But I still don't understand bath time. 16 years of this and I still don't like it. // 

  // The winter was a cold one and so I made like a burrito and slept through most of it. // 

  // But I got up to play in the snow and my humans made me a cool snowman. I peed on him. // 

  // I wanted to come in the house like this because I was trying to look like the Phantom of the Opera but the human girl said no and wiped off all the snow. She's no fun. // 

  // Then one morning I looked out the window and spring was here. // 

  // And I got so happy and ran out to the backyard to tell my humans that spring was here, which means my birthday was coming up soon. // 

 // And in March I turned 16. My human girl made me a sweet potato cake with my favorite peanut butter filling cookie on top. She also proceeded to tell everyone she met out in public that I turned 16. She likes to embarrass me sometimes but that's ok. I still think she's cool. // 

  // We went on more car rides as the weather got nicer. It's one of my favorite things to do -- ride in cars with my humans. // 

  // We went to view cherry blossoms in DC - it's our thing to do every year. // 

  // And baseball season started. I met this neighborhood team called The Old Timers. I liked that. // 

  // I also got a cool new ride this year. It helps me go out with my humans when I get tired. And get this. The roof opens up. It's a convertible. My humans don't even have a convertible. //  

  // And I got my own spaceship too. Or at least I think it's a spaceship.... this is a spaceship right? // 

  // My human girl tickled me every morning.// 

  // And introduced me to new flowers. // 

  // And I got lots of new things this year -- like treats and blankets and toys and bowls. There was also a new kind of shampoo. I said we can return that but I don't think they understand what I was saying. // 

  // I went to see President Lincoln. // 

 // And the White House too. "Bo! You there?" // 

  // And got festive for Memorial Day weekend. // 

  // But then I got really sick. I was in the out of the vet's office so much. I lost my strength and my appetite. My human girl cried a lot. I tried to tell her I was ok but she looked so worried. I felt so bad. Sometimes she came up to me smiling and nuzzled my face and said that everything was going to be ok. But then I saw her go in to the kitchen or the bathroom and she would cry again. I wanted to get better but this time it was harder to do. // 

  // I couldn't go out and greet my human like I do every day. I always go out and greet him and I felt bad that I couldn't. But this time he came over to me and greeted me. He held my hand until I drifted off to sleep. // 

 // Lamb Chop also stuck by my side so that I can feel better. Usually I'm kicking Lamb Chop off my bed but not this time. Thanks Lamb Chop for being a good friend. // 

  // My humans took care of me and they read me all get well messages people have been sending me. And then I started to get my strength back little by little. And then my appetite came back too. I was feeling better. But my human girl was still crying - then I realized she was crying because she was happy. Humans are so weird. But I like my weird humans. I think they love me a lot. And I love them too. // 

  // As a get well present, my human girl made me a new mat. It's made from their old bed sheet. I like that because it smells like them. And I like their smell. // 

  // I think my humans know that I like their smell. They keep making me a new bed that is nice and warm and toasty and it always smells like them. // 

  // When I was 100% better again I teased my human girl every time she tried to take a picture of me. // 

  // But I flashed a smile for her from time to time. She tries so hard to get good pictures of me. Always teasing her would be mean. // 

  // My humans celebrated their anniversary, or what they like to call Family Day, because it's the day we all officially became a family. I got to sleep on a cool bed. // 

  // And we watch the sun set from our hotel balcony. It was nice. // 

  // Then one day the house turned upside down. My humans kept running from the house to the truck and back again. I didn't know what was going on but I followed them around doing the exact same thing. Who said senior dogs can't run? // 

  // And then we woke up to new hard wood floors. My humans are crazy. // 

  //  I continued to get cranes from people. Thank you!! // 

  // And I got a tree too! This is my tree -- Piri's Tree. // 

  // And I napped some more on the humans' bed. // 

  // I became a Jedi Knight. But fell asleep during my mission. Oops. // 

  // And then the time of year when my humans dress me up in ridiculous outfits came around. // 

  // But they carved me a pumpkin again and so all was forgiven. // 

  // I hung out with my friends Hiro and Mini. // 

  // And tried to make new ones at The Home Depot but this one was rude. It didn't say hello back. // 

  // Election Day came around and I got to go to the polls with my humans this year. // 

  // This again. I have learned to just tune it out. // 

  // My humans were telling me what a good boy I was throughout the whole year and they must've been right! I got so many presents for Christmas this year. // 

 // Life is good with my humans. Happy New Year everybody. See you in 2016! // 

December 30, 2015

A Look Back - July to December 2015

I can't believe these are already a year's worth of memories. 
So long 2015. 

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