December 15, 2015


Christmas is in full swing in our home.

We got the tree up and lights - so many lights! We finally decided to do exterior lights. Well.. I guess we kinda did it last year although it was a big utter fail. Instead of hanging lights we kinda put it over our dead flowers we had in the front garden. Yeah.. it was pretty bad. 

This year we did a much better job although the lights we have going on our crab apple tree looks like a big ole Christmas light monster came and threw up on it. I'm sure we'll figure out how to wrap it around the tree better in the coming years. 

When we were trimming the tree {which we do while watching the Lord of the Rings and force Piri to wear an elf hat - traditions!} we were reminiscing back to all the different years we got our special ornaments. When we went to the Kennedy Center to watch The Nutcracker, the handmade ones, and the personalized ones and the one year, the first year, we didn't have special ornaments because we bought so many new ornaments that we considered all of them to be special. We hung ones that were gifted to us from near and far. Ones for us and ones for Piri. All the while when we were reminiscing we also hung our 2015 ornaments which we got back at St. Michaels in August when we went away to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. 

Trees are so pretty to look at but I love our tree because it tells so many stories from each year we were together. Us and Piri. 

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