December 18, 2015

Looking forward to the weekend - knits to complete, movies to watch and birthdays to celebrate

The last of our first wave of December DogVacay guests left last night and starting this morning we'll be welcoming more. Beginning next week we'll be pretty busy with 9 fully booked days {that's four dogs plus Piri}, and so this weekend we'll be taking advantage of all the leg room on the sofa and also our bed before the dogs take it up. :)

I've started to knit a new cowl for Piri which I hope to finish today and finally start on mine in a pretty golden yellow. I'm also expecting Christmas gifts to arrive as well. We weren't going to get each other gifts this year since we bought a bunch of things these past couple of months and we really didn't need anything or want something too too terribly, but then I found out that Yangkyu actually did get me a little something and so I got practical gifts for him and also Piri as well. So we will actually have little wrapped presents under the tree after all. 

It's also my birthday this Sunday. I'll be celebrating it with a guest dog because we share the same birth date. She's turning 14. Me 37. I already got her a birthday cake toy and some treats. Oh and a party hat, too. We do doggy birthdays right here. 

Oh yes! And how can I forget. It's been a thing for us to watch all the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies during this time of year. So definitely a marathon over the weekend.

Have a wonderful one!

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