December 11, 2015

Making: Doggy Ornaments

I have been cutting, stuffing and sewing like a crazy mad woman for the past couple of days. 

Remember a few posts back when I mentioned I was making things to send to friends and family and while it was a bit overwhelming I felt pretty good since starting early would put me ahead of the game come December? 

Womp womp womp. So wrong. I am so totally behind! 

Somewhere between that post and now I got busy with guest dogs and then got lazy and tired after they left and then added a few more names to the list at the last minute and so I was sewing and then fixing some finished ornaments wee into the night last night (ok, I say wee into the night but really it was only like 10 pm. But that's the time this ole bag of bones goes to sleep normally and so I was feeling pretty wiped - so wiped that while I was blowing little pieces of embroidery floss off of myself during clean up I ended up inhaling one and swallowing it! I then made a big dramatic fuss and an already asleep Yangkyu rushed downstairs, eyes half open, wondering if I might've chopped off a finger or two but I pretended it was worse than that. Worse! I swallowed embroidery floss! Who swallows embroidery floss?!?! Gah!!!)

Anyway, these are almost almost almost done. I just have to sew and stuff up the heart ornaments which are for our non doggy friends and then I'll be finally printing out Jessica's fantastic and amazing and wonderful gift tags - free to download - {I have used them for the past two years - here and here - because they are so cute and so thankful they are free to download!} and wrapping them up and sending them off tomorrow. 

The unfortunate thing is that I was planning on making a little knit hat ornament for friends who don't have animal companions but I don't think I'll have time for that. Boo hoo. I thought maybe I could squeeze making 15 of those today but nope. Don't think it'll happen. 

What are you wrapping up and sending off? 

PS - Thank you to the Michaels cashier who patiently scanned a zillion sheets of felt and embroidery floss when the lines were snaking around the store with holiday madness. Crafty folks can be wild and crazy! :) 

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