December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Eve! A tradition of sorts.

Last year I dragged everyone out of the blue to our backyard and took a photo. I thought we should do this every year. In the same spot. And make it into a little tradition.

So just before, Yangkyu, Piri and I, and all our guest dogs went out back {thank goodness it stopped raining!} and attempted to get everyone in the picture. Because last year only one of our guest dogs made it in the final picture and it's just nice to include everybody, you know?

Only if it was that easy!

It took several tries. I could have sworn I ran back and forth from the camera {to hit the timer button} to my little gang about 20 times, but it was a a bit less than that.

So here it is - with outtakes below, our 2014 Merry Christmas Eve family photo.

Merry Christmas, everybody!

 // Last year's photo

  // Attempting to smile while watching Scout trot away.... and Napoleon to Piri --> "Your humans are cray cray." // 

  // I dropped something! Look at Yangkyu's smirk... :) // 

  // Only if there were a few more seconds on the timer..! // 

 // Piri! Piri! Look! Ahh... so close.." // 

 // No.. Leon!! // 

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