December 28, 2015

Year End Giving

We've mentioned in the past that we try to give to 10 different organizations and causes throughout the year - it's a thing we started doing together about six years ago and it started on our wedding day when we donated to the National Arbor Foundation and the World Wildlife Fund in lieu of wedding favors.

We also mentioned that year end fundraising drives are our favorite - the last rah rah to close out the year and looking forward to all the good, yet hard work, to come in the new year. And so around this time of the year we like to share our list of places we gave to and hope that you will, if you haven't  already (or even if you did!) too. There is still time to donate to a cause near and dear to your heart. $5 or $50 - it all makes a wonderful difference. 

Our 2015 giving list: 

 // Girls Who Code
 // WAMU - 88.5 American University Radio
 // Oldies But Goodies (OBG) Cocker Rescue
 // Audrey Lorde Project
 // Castle Cat Rescue
 // House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary

Before we go, I just wanted to make a quick note about House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary.

We came across their video {also below} a few months ago and it made me cry every time I saw it - such beautiful dogs and people who care for them. Through the work we do with Piri's Place/DogVacay, we have been gifted with so many wonderful things from our clients - souvenirs from their travels, wine, fruits, baked goods, dog toys, dog treats, human treats, hand written thank you notes, their smiles, happiness, endless gratitude and so much more. It's all never expected but when we receive them it gives us an extra boost of confidence that we are doing something right.

Throughout the year we have also received tips from clients. Again it's never expected and it completely blows us away when we receive them. Piri has been collecting his tip in his little piggy bank and we decided, along with all the teeny tiny amount we made through affiliate links with Animal Hearted and Vegan Cuts, to donate half of our earnings in tips to House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary. It's just a small amount but we hope that it will make a little bit of difference in the work they do. 

Thank you for reading.

What causes or organizations do you donate to?

 // 2014 Giving
 // 2013 Giving

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