August 31, 2015

August Project Color: Gray

Squeezing this month's color in at the last minute! I thought it would be fun to explore the achromatic color gray. I actually had high hopes for this color as I realized it is one of my favorites {especially for sweaters}, but with this month being a bit crazy with renovations I didn't have enough time to explore it the way I had wanted to. I had wanted to find things outside but once again I looked inwards - inside our home - to find this color. 

And thank you again Fee for joining in! 

 // Burntfeather // 

September will be all about the color black. 

If you'd like to join in, email me one photo at windingridgelane [at] gmail [dot] com that depicts the color black by Friday, September 18. Please send the picture as a cropped square image, otherwise I will crop at my own discretion. Photos should not be smaller than 900x900 px. Along with your picture, please include your name and blog name and url {if applicable}. If you are on Instagram, post your picture using #WRLprojectcolor and I will try and include it in the blog round ups.

 // April Project Color: Green

August 28, 2015

Happy Friday + new camera

So I did this crazy thing. We have a butt load of things to pay off after we got new flooring and I decided to add on to our now mega "pay off" list by getting the Fujifilm x100t. I have talked about this camera for months now and while my heart was trembling {actually it still is} when I actually bought it, I am elated to add this to my growing collection of cameras. 

I haven't had time to take it around and hope to do so this weekend. We have plans to go to a dog friendly winery that our friends have frequented on numerous occasions. We're looking forward to it! I am also catching up with emails, DogVacay requests and lots of other things -- I think my body is still trying to recover from all the painting, moving and cleaning so it's taking me a little while to get back into the swing of things. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

August 27, 2015

New walls, new floors

I had this amazing idea. 

We were already scheduled to have our carpets pulled and new floors installed on Monday and so why not paint the rest of the house - except our kitchen and bathrooms - beforehand? I had painted our living room and entry way several months back and it only took a day to do 2 coats. So I figured between me and Yangkyu, doing the entire upstairs, the stairway area and also 13 risers {for our new stairs} would be a cinch. We would dedicate Saturday to paint and Sunday we will load all our stuff in the U-haul truck and then Monday the contractors will come and work on our floors. We would get everything done and still have time leftover in the evening to relax.  

I wish I can tell you that it worked out this way!

We were definitely still painting on Sunday into the late evening and we were done with everything - paining, loading and cleaning up - by 9 pm. Afterwards we felt like we ran the Olympic marathon, twice, and couldn't really feel our legs, arms and back. 

The flooring work was all complete by Tuesday afternoon and we began to clean and move things back into the house. We spent most of yesterday trying to finish up and we are about 80% done. 

We used the same paint as we had with the living room and entry way -- Brilliant White by Ralph Lauren in Flat. For the entire upstairs, stairway and risers we went through 7 cans {gallon size}. 

As for the floors, we really weren't planning on re-doing them until a year or two later. We were saving up for a floor renovation but after starting Piri's Place, our carpet began to stain more with accidents, more so in the past couple of months. And so when we saw that The Home Depot had a promotion with laminate flooring and also a financing option that worked for us we decided to take the plunge. 

Our first obstacle though was when we learned that laminate is not recommended for the stairs and instead we needed to go with hardwood. It ended up hiking up our expense but we decided to move forward with it anyway. Still, we needed to find a laminate and hardwood combination that came the closest in color to ensure smooth flow from the floor to the steps. 

At first I had wanted to go with either a really dark flooring color or almost a whitish grey color but had trouble finding a hardwood counterpart. But I did find something that caught my instantly and quickly settled on the color. 

For our floors {laminate}, we went with the Distressed Brown Hickory and for the hardwood for our stairs, we went with American Vintage Bear Creek Oak by Bruce

 // Bye bye carpet!! Although part of the reason we did embrace carpet was for Piri. We had lived with hardwood floors in New York and while Piri was much younger and didn't have arthritis then, he was still slipping and sliding whenever he jumped off from our bed. By the time we moved to our Maryland apartment, which also had hardwood floors, he was having a much harder time as he was older and had developed arthritis. We then moved to a carpeted condo in Virginia where he jumped off and trotted about without any problem and so by the time we bought our home and moved in we were thankful for the carpet. Right now, Piri is getting adjusted. We do see him sliding at random places and hesitates when he needs to jump off the sofa. We hope to get some area rugs soon and maybe also look into doggy socks that has traction at the soles. //

Yangkyu is back at work today {but thankfully he is working from home} and I will spend it doing the last of the dusting and spraying and wiping {so much dust and sawdust everywhere!}. We also can't wait to go grocery shopping and actually start cooking our meals again. We've been eating out for the past few days and it's just doing a number to our stomachs. It feels a little weird to get back to our routine but slowly but surely {and with a lot of salon pas plastered to our backs - or my back since Yangkyu thinks that's only for old people} it won't feel as off. 

Yay to new walls and flooring! 

 // Psst! If you have any fun renovation stories, tell us! I love reading about other people's experiences! 

August 21, 2015

St. Michaels, according to our phones.

Have a wonderful weekend!

August 20, 2015

Hey! Another celebration! Piri's Place turns 1!

A year ago today, our very first DogVacay pup came to stay with us! Her name was Sadie, a corgi, boxer puppy mix! I beg she has grown so much since the last time we saw her.

Yangkyu and I can't believe an entire year has passed. This whole experience has been such a great one and we have been truly blessed to meet such wonderful dogs and their humans. We are always floored when people tell us how they lucky are to have found us and how thankful they are, but really, we feel the same way. Their kindness and generosity really has touched us and moved us, and has made us want to do an even better job of taking care of their pups while they are away. 

Thanks for your awesomeness! Here's to many more years of pups and their shenanigans at Piri's Place

And finally, thank you Piri for being such a great resident pup and CEO and boss of all things around here! You are our golden star! 

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August 19, 2015

Away we go : St. Michaels, Maryland!

For our 6th anniversary get-away, we packed up our little hatchback and drove 2 hours to a quaint little town in Maryland called St. Michaels. I had originally wanted to go back to Virginia Beach and make it a little tradition, but a couple of friends of ours had gone to St. Michaels and it piqued our interest to head somewhere we've never been before. And so off we went for a couple of nights with Piri to relax and eat lots of crabs and oysters {my fave!}. 

We left mid-morning on Sunday, our anniversary day, and upon arriving at St. Michaels we grabbed some burgers at a joint called Marcoritaville, which was one of several dog friendly restaurants in town {the entire town actually is very dog friendly and we saw a lot of folks traveling and vacationing with their pups}. I also packed a lot of treats for Piri - white bread, steamed sweet potatoes, strawberries, carrots and honey dew melon, just so that he could also eat a little something while we ate. 

We still had a lot of time to kill before check-in and so after lunch at Marcoritaville, we hopped back in the car and drove for another 15 minutes to Tilghman Island. There wasn't a whole lot that we could do there, so we drove around and found a lot of pretty vacation homes and little shops and restaurants. We also happened upon an area where people lined up their cars to go fishing and since we didn't have any fishing poles and bait, we instead took pictures! Ha. 

In St. Michaels, we stayed at the St. Michaels Harbour Inn, Marina & Spa, in the Captain Suite on the third floor overlooking the marina. We had a huge patio where we ate breakfast in the morning and a large spacious area divided into a little kitchen, living room and also sleeping quarters. It was good to have the kitchen area especially as we were also able to prepare Piri's meals right in our room {no microwave though, but there is one available on the 2nd floor}. 

  // I love a happy Piri and he was certainly all smiles and sniffs at St. Michaels. // 

  // A pair of corgis were staying inside a boat that was docked right outside our patio and a westie was staying a few doors down. She reminded us of our friend's dog. // 

We had our first crab and oyster fest at The Crab Claw {dog friendly! woot woot!} and ordered a dozen oysters on the half shell and a half a dozen large steamed and seasoned Maryland Blue Crabs {so good!}. We sat right along the water on the dock away from the majority of the folks who were seated in the main area, which we preferred. It took us a while to finish everything - by the time we were done it was already dark. We also bought a bowl of cantaloupes for Piri from a nearby market but he actually ended up falling asleep while we ate. He usually gets fussy because he loves to beg for people food, but I guess he doesn't care too much for seafood. 

Yangkyu and I opted not to do a lot of the activities available at St. Michaels where we couldn't take Piri with us {although I did look up DogVacay hosts in the area who also offer daycare options and there seems to be some really great ones there!}, but thankfully there are a handful of things you can do with your pup. So the following day, on Monday, we headed over the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum where dogs are allowed on all museum grounds, even in the gift shop(!), except during festival season. 

  // We made sure Piri had lots of water and walking breaks. He gets tired easily but we didn't want him to be cooped inside his stroller red convertible for long periods of time. What is so great about this museum is that most of the exhibits are outdoors, but they do have several air conditioned buildings as well. We definitely took advantage of those to cool down, especially for Piri. // 

  // Peek-a-boo! I see you! // 

  // Ah, I do love these two. // 

  // The Patriot Boat Cruise is also dog-friendly. It is abour an hour tour with narration, air conditioned cabin with a snack shop as well. We saw a house where The Wedding Crashers was filmed {never saw the movie but kinda neat}, but I think Piri kind of stole the show with his ride and all. Piri also slept through most of the tour. Piri loves car rides but we have never been on a boat before and I was afraid he would get motion sickness but he did fine! // 

  // More oysters at the St. Michael's Crab & Steak House. And this time we ended having crab cake sandwiches - I got mine broiled and Yangkyu got his fried. This was the best crab cake sandwich I had in my life. Not exaggerating. //

  // There was a cute little pet shop and we did some shopping with Piri. The owner is originally from New York (West Point area) and moved to the area after falling in love with St. Michaels. // 

  // Ice cream at Justine's! Mhhhmmmm! // 

We had our last dinner at a place called the Bistro where dogs are allowed to eat with you in their two seating area on the front porch. This was the only place we called ahead to reserve in case the seats weren't available. 

We ordered some cocktail drinks, steamed mussels and Yangkyu had steamed clams over fettuccine and I had scallops. It was all very amazing and delicious. The only downside was that we got bitten by mosquitos while sitting on the porch - Yangkyu more so than me. Mosquitos just seem to really love him. Ouch!

 // Breakfast on the patio. Piri likes to start off with some honeydew melon! // 

We were in St. Michaels for two nights and three days and it was the perfect duration for us, especially since we were traveling with Piri and preferred to have him stay with us the entire time. In the past, when we traveled, we wanted to have our days be jam packed with lots of things and activities and walking and such but this was a good change of pace. And it was so great to spend our sixth anniversary, a day we like to now say is when the three of us became a family, together at St. Michaels. 

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