January 11, 2016

40 years from now

Over the weekend I saw a movie called 5 Flights Up. 
It stars Diane Keaton and Morgan Freedom as Ruth and Alex. 
It's about their life together and shows flashbacks from when were young to present day, 40 years later.

One of the flashback scenes is of Ruth and Alex when they are newly married. 
They are in the kitchen, attempting to make dinner. 
Ruth is upset. 
She doesn't understand why it is so hard for her, for them, to have a baby. 
Ruth remarks how her sister is able to pop them out one after another. 
Alex remarks, "We don't need a baby." 
Ruth replies, "No one needs a baby. They want a baby. I want a baby. You want a baby." 
They hug and kiss and somehow are able to get past this conversation. 

The next scene cuts to 40 years later. 

They are older. 
Still childless. 
And ever more in love with each other. 

And then I started to bawl. 

I wondered if that's where Yangkyu and I would be 40 years from now. 
Would we still be without child?
But would life just go on for us, as it did for them, and we'd still be happy and content? 

When did Ruth and Alex accept that they were never going to be parents? 
When did it stop hurting for them? 
Just a flashback ago they were upset and sad and hurt. 
And now, 40 years later, they seemed fine.
How did those 40 years pass for them?
Somewhere they have accepted. 
Or perhaps it still hurts for them, but with time, they have become better at concealing their pain. 

Would we be like that for us too?

I mentioned in a previous post about how I keep thinking toward the future - like way way into the future and wonder what life will be like for us when we are old.

For some reason I keep gravitating toward that thought and movies about old people and their lives keep coming into my vision - like 5 Flights Up and The Exotic Marigold Hotel. And I keep looking and wanting to know more the characters and the life they lived and how they are still enjoying life. I know it's just a movie and they are fictional characters. But I guess I just want to know. Or perhaps I need to know..

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