January 4, 2016

A conversation by the fire

Me: What would happen if I dropped my phone in the fire? 
Yangkyu: You will have no phone. 

Yangkyu's very matter of fact answers always makes me laugh. Sometimes it amuses him because he doesn't know why they are so funny. 

We said good bye to the last of our December doggy guests yesterday and we spent the entire day cleaning. From 3 pm to 10 pm. We also took a break at 5 pm to start a fire in our fire pit and just enjoy the crackling sound of wood and converse about nothing and everything. 

I got up to take a photo of the fire and freaked myself out thinking, "what would happen if I dropped my phone?" (I also have these thoughts when I carry my phone into the bathroom, but instead I think "What would happen if I dropped my phone in the toilet?" 

My iphone6 Plus was an expensive little bugger. And we are actually paying it off on a monthly basis. We don't have insurance on it. And so I was just curious to see what Yangkyu would do if I did accidentally dropped it in the fire. Would he get me a new one? Would I have to settle for another phone? 

And he just simply, as matter of factly, said that I just won't have a phone. 

Ok. Such a dad answer, but I guess that's settled. 

I shall never drop my phone on fire, water and concrete. 

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